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Ms. Ana Arellano

I believe that mind, body, and spirit are interconnected;

I’ll help you take inventory of your mental health, physical health, and emotional health to find what works best for you. When people work towards a goal, they often neglect some part of their life; they give up drinking, but begin binge eating. They leave a toxic relationship, but isolate themselves. They gain financial independence, but neglect their loved ones.

Our Specialties:


Anxiety is the most common mental illness. It is also incredibly treatable. Often anxiety emerges when other feelings are not being addressed. It is hard to feel settled inside when we haven’t “listened” to our emotions and moved through them successfully. 


Most people with depression, even severe depression, can get better with treatment. Depression is first and foremost a disorder of vitality. Very often depression emerges when a person’s mind does not know how to process scary emotions, such as anger, and therefore simply shuts down instead.


Anyone suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction knows how powerful and crippling this disease can be. When a user accepts that they can’t manage their addiction on their own, it is time to seek the help of a professional addiction counselor. I can help support you throughout the treatment process and create an individualized plan for recovery and after-care.


Healthy relationships lay the foundation for a happy, meaningful life. Sense of belonging through relationships and search for community or family are incredibly powerful driving forces. Let us build your confidence in navigating relationships, from communication and social skills to complex dynamics affecting how you are seen by others and how you understand them in return.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Working with Ana has been one of the smartest things I’ve ever done, both personally and professionally. She has a very gentle way of evoking a desire to fully understand what is happening deeply inside and why certain patterns were repeating themselves in my life.

Bethany C.

There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our life’s journey. Ana is one such person in my life. I found her online through a basic search and picked her simply due to her office location and the fact that she was a female. Little did I know how big of an impact this woman would play in my life.

Avery A.

To say that I recommend Ana would be an understatement. Telling someone about her, for me, is knowing that if they make the decision to follow through with it, I have just given them a gift that has infinite possibilities in their life. She has been a profound influence in my life.

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